Elon Musk Is Beefing With a 19-Year-Old

Elon Musk Is Beefing With a 19-Year-Old

by Camille Bavera

It's come to our attention that the private jet belonging to tech tycoon Elon Musk does in fact have its own Instagram account, the domain of which belongs to 19-year old Jack Sweeney.

Sweeney created this account with the intention of keeping tabs on Musk’s jet, which although a humorous idea to begin with, is now being looked at as a potential security risk. The account uses public air-traffic “bots” to track the plane’s whereabouts and posts updates to Twitter.

In an attempt to avoid any stalkers or other probable media accounts, last fall Musk offered Sweeney $5,000 to take his account @ElonJet offline to which Sweeney countered his own offer of exactly one Model 3 Tesla, a Tesla internship, or upwards of $50,000 — enough to be “put towards college” or, you know, a Model 3.

Musk is now being forced to “think about it as the account continues to remain active and visible as of January 26, several months after he initially reached out to Sweeney.

According to a recent tweet by Musk, this isn’t the only social media account that quite literally “follows him,” but it seems to be one of the few that can provide accurate reports on the jet’s location IRL. In a recent statement however, Sweeney acknowledged that this account is meant to only track the jet, not those who may or may not be on board. In addition to the takeoff and landing locations, the Twitter feed also provides approximated flight times so you can actually track it yourself.

Besides a typically busy college freshman work schedule, Sweeney maintains an additional 14 flight tracking accounts according to Protocol News, but at 83,000 followers, @ElonJet remains the most popular. Cue cat running across keyboard.

Photo via Getty/ FREDERIC J. BROWN/ AFP