We Won't Be Buying Elon Musk's 'Burnt Hair' Perfume
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We Won't Be Buying Elon Musk's 'Burnt Hair' Perfume

by Payton Dunn

Another day, another bizarre Elon Musk business venture. This one’s giving us a little glimpse into the mind of the billionaire himself and what exactly gets him going, and it’s something we never saw coming in a million years: burnt hair.

Musk seems hellbent on making our lives just a little bit worse with each passing day, taking to Twitter last night to launch his new hot item with his Burnt Hair perfume line, billing it as “the finest fragrance on Earth,” and the “essence of repugnant desire.” According to Musk, he’s been dreaming of this day for quite a while now, and he’s kicking himself for not taking the leap of faith into the putrid abyss earlier.

The perfume line is the latest product from The Boring Company, going on sale on the website for a whopping $100. In true crypto bro fashion, you can also whip out your Dogecoin at the metaphorical digital register, although you might want to use real money if you’re still adamant on holding and taking Doge “to the moon.”

By the end of the night, 10,000 people had already bit the bullet and ordered the perfume for themselves, totalling over $1 million in sales and making us question our faith in humanity a little bit in the process…

Apparently this was all a part of Musk’s grand plan to mold the world in his image, ending the night with an inspirational quote in the wake of his baffling success.

Naturally, the general public is scratching their heads a little bit on this one.

We personally won’t be buying, and it’s a little unclear why anybody ever would. To each their own I guess.

Photo courtesy of Darian DiCianno/BFA