The 'Barbie' Movie Posters Are Finally Here

The 'Barbie' Movie Posters Are Finally Here

BYJoan SummersApr 04, 2023

This Barbie is a doctor, and this Barbie has a degree in astrophysics, and this is just some girl named Midge!

The official movie posters for Greta Gerwig'sBarbie dropped today, featuring a robust cast of characters and a surprise appearance by miss Dua Lipa, who plays a mermaid. Margot Robbie obviously plays the titular Barbie, while Hari Nef plays the aforementioned doctor, Emma Mackey as a Nobel Prize winning physicist, Anna Cruz Kayne as a Supreme Court Justice and Sharon Rooney as a lawyer. Emerald Fennell, meanwhile, is just Midge. Also, shoutout to Issa Rae as President Barbie!

Besides the numerous Barbies, we're also treated to portraits of the extended Ken universe in the film. Ryan Gosling plays the titular Ken, while the other Kens include Simu Liu, Ncuti Gatwa, Scott Evans and Kingsley Ben-Adir.

The film even has a cast of human characters, portrayed by the likes of America Ferrera, Helen Mirren and Will Ferrell! Presumably, they're simply playing themselves.

The big shock of the posters is Dua Lipa's inclusion in them, which comes after months of speculation that she had secretly joined the project and recorded a bop or two for the film's official soundtrack. When the official movie instagram was made in 2022, she was one of 15 people the Instagram followed.

Meanwhile, Daily Mailreports that she will indeed "be releasing a hit that has been written especially for the movie," although reps for the singer declined to comment.

Unfortunately, the film doesn't have an official trailer just yet, but fans can look forward to seeing Barbie and her look-a-likes in theaters this summer, as the film drops July 21.

Below, check out the star-studded cast of Barbie.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.