'Barbie' Makes Margot Robbie Highest Paid Actress

'Barbie' Makes Margot Robbie Highest Paid Actress

by Justine Fisher

Margot Robbie’s life in plastic really is fantastic. The Barbie star earned $12.5 million for her role in the highly-anticipated movie, making her the highest paid woman in Hollywood, according to Variety.

In Variety’s ranking of 26 of the largest paychecks awarded to actors, Robbie earned more than any other actress, landing her in 16th place overall on a roster dominated by men. Ryan Gosling, Robbie’s co-star in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, earned the same salary for the movie that premieres July 21, 2023. Fittingly, starring in Minions: The Rise of Gru, another film dominating the internet, Steve Carrell’s matching salary formed a three-way tie between him and the Barbie stars.

With women making up just five of the 26 actors listed, Millie Bobby Brown’s salary was the nearest to Robbie’s, with the 18-year-old earning $10 million for Enola Homes 2. Actresses Emily Blunt, Jamie Lee Curtis and Anya-Taylor Joy weren’t far behind, each earning over a million for their flicks.

Still, none of the salaries could compete with top earner, Tom Cruise, who made $100 million off of Top Gun: Maverick. Just behind, Will Smith (Emancipation) earned $35 million, and Leonardo Dicaprio (Killers of the Flower Moon) tied at $30 million with Brad Pitt (Formula 1 Drama).

Also topping the Barbie stars, a castmate, Will Ferrell, earned $20 million for Spirited. Though they didn’t make the list, other confirmed actors in the Barbie cast include Simu Liu, Michael Cera, Issa Rae and Kate McKinnon.

For the film set to bring the iconic Barbie doll to life next summer, Robbie’s impressive paycheck marks their first milestone before the long-awaitedmovie hits box offices next year.

Photo via Getty/ MEGA/ GC Images