The Internet Reacts to Trisha Paytas Naming Baby 'Malibu Barbie'
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The Internet Reacts to Trisha Paytas Naming Baby 'Malibu Barbie'

Trisha Paytas is already stirring up controversy with their newborn baby's name.

On the heels of bizarre internet speculation about their first child being the reincarnation of the late Queen Elizabeth II, the YouTuber and their husband, Moses Hacmon, finally welcomed their first child on Wednesday, September 14. But while Paytas brushed off the theory in a TikTok from last week, it seems as if they've already spawned another big online discussion — except this time it's about their daughter's name.

"She has arrived," Paytas tweeted on Thursday, alongside three photos of them holding little "Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon." And with such a unique choice of name, it didn't take long for commenters to weigh in on their decision to pay tribute to a toy doll on the baby's birth certificate.

"please tell me you did not actually curse your child with the name 'malibu barbie,'" as one follower responding to the social media star's tweet said, while a second critic echoed their incredulity with an all-caps, "ARE U FR IS SJE ACTUALLT CALLED MALIBU BARBIE."

Meanwhile, others expressed their concern for Malibu Barbie, including a commenter who worried about how her unusual name would affect her future experiences and interactions.

"No to the name… think about her! She will be teased in school," the person wrote. Similarly, someone else said that the name was "not even funny if its [sic] real" and "that child is going to be bullied so badly," before seemingly referencing Paytas' penchant for trolling by adding, "It probably isn't her real name."

That said, Paytas also had their fair share of defenders, who said that online strangers shouldn't feel entitled to police other people's personal choices, with a few fans urging people to just leave the content creator alone, especially seeing as how "its [sic] not your child so why does it bother people." And as another went on to say that "Malibu is a cute name," while arguing that unconventional monikers are common in California, where Paytas and Hacmon live.

They added, "like pls the kids aren’t gonna bully her cause another kid is gonna be named Sparrow or Leaf or Birch LIKE PLSSSSS."

Neither Paytas nor Hacmon have responded to the online discourse.

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