Zepkins Gives Interdimensional Alien Fantasy in 'Peekaboo'

Zepkins Gives Interdimensional Alien Fantasy in 'Peekaboo'

Multidimensional rapper Zepkins is going interdimensional in her brand new music video.

Taken from her debut album Forever the Moment, "Peekaboo" is a song that showcases the artist at her finest, with razor-sharp lyrics and an effortlessly smooth flow, a delivery so breakless that she seemingly defies the human body's need to breathe.

However, the song itself isn't the only thing that'll leave you breathless, seeing as how the space age video — which sees a bedazzled Zepkins donning looks ranging from alien realness to Matrix fantasy — is a captivating, nonstop collection of crystal-filled cutaway shots juxtaposed with dark glitch art and infrared inserts. In a nutshell, think sci-fi UFO vibes with a hint of Missy Elliott "Supa Dupa Fly" fisheye, but done in such a mind-blowingly original way that proves Zepkins is a true iconoclast through and through.

After all, as Zepkins herself said, "I'm not trying to fit the mold of what they feel I should look like." Rather, she's the type to "always do me," and with such a forward-facing vision, we have no doubt that "in time it will [all] make sense."

Watch the video for "Peekaboo" below.

Photo via YouTube