Why Not... Wear Multiple Bikinis at Once?

Why Not... Wear Multiple Bikinis at Once?

"Why not take a crazy chance?" sang one wise sorceress of the early aughts. Listen, we've all worn some questionable looks in our day, and if you say "nope, not me," you're either lying or a Vanderbilt or both (if you're a Vanderbilt, DM me your PIN number). But in another light, fashion exploration is really just the development of style. So as often as we can, PAPER culls every dark crevice of the web to bring you curious fashion moments that might leave you asking, "Why?" But our hope is that you'll someday change your tune to a wink and a shrug to say, "Why not?" Hilary knows, and also, you're welcome!

Our hats are off to this icon (follow @tii_dol), who decided to do something we've never seen before, which is to wear bikinis all over their body and make it... fashion? Yes. There are no real rules in the name of unapologetic self-expression. But we'd remiss if we didn't admit that we have just a few questions:

  1. How is it decided which bikini tops or bottoms go where?
  2. Is this look for beach or is it a casual summer look when brunching in Miami?
  3. Can we mix and match colors and prints?
  4. What happens when you're out in the sun? Like, should we be concerned about bikini-shaped tan lines?
  5. Why aren't the nipples covered?
  6. Is this intentional?
  7. Should we be worried about nipple exposure? "Exposed nipple," even when on accident, is kind of chic, actually.
  8. Why?
Well, why not?

Photo via Instagram