Christine Quinn Kept Us Fed With Her French Fry Purse

Christine Quinn Kept Us Fed With Her French Fry Purse

by Evan Ross Katz

If you’re like me, the better part of your weekend was spent listening to Madonna’s "I Want You (Full Length Orchestral Version)" thanks to Alexa Demie and screaming after learning that the legendary Naomi Campbell would finally grace the RuPaul’s Drag Race runway as the show beings its 408th season (aka All Stars 7). Or maybe you spent the weekend thinking about Dan Stevens’s color-blocked suit from Licong Gong’s 2022 graduate showcase that he wore to the premiere of Starz’s Gaslit.

I wouldn’t blame you for any of the above. Let’s get into some of the other looks that shot and scored.

The Ladies of "Euphoria" Make a Rare Carpet Appearance

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It’s likely we won’t get our Avengers assembling again until 2024, when the highly anticipated third season of Euphoria premieres. So let us all bask in the greatness that is the cast gathering for an HBO Max For Your Consideration event held at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. The roll call of looks included Zendaya in Fear of God Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear, Sydney Sweeney in Alexander McQueen, Alexa Demie in vintage Norman Norell, Hunter Schafer in Maison Margiela, Maude Apatow in Versace and Barbie Ferreira in Proenza Schouler.

It’s a rare sighting having them all together on a carpet (the last time it happened was for the Season 1 premiere in 2019), and thus this event was made all the more special in knowing how long it had been and how much longer it would be until the next one. Luckily, this talented cast has a laundry list of projects in the works to keep fans fed.

Christine Quinn’s French Fry Purse

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Ask everybody who the star of Selling Sunset Season 4 was and you’ll get one answer: Christine Quinn. Even Quinn, herself, is aware of this truth. But who was the Robin to Quinn’s label-obsessive Batman? That would be a minor side character who made an appearance in the season premiere back in November. A chair, to be specific. A chair bag, to be exact.

The design first hit the runway as part of Area’s fall 2020 runway show, a collaboration between Area’s Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Pansczczyk and Myreality. ("We were like, 'Want to do the biggest fuck-you to the mini bag?'" Myreality’s Tyler Billinger toldVogue back in February.) That it retailed for $895 makes a lot of sense considering clientele like Quinn’s penchant for the ornate over the practical.

In the latest season, which just dropped on Friday, Quinn has folded her chair and replaced her with a french fry bag. I assumed Judith Leiber upon first glance, but after some investigating its actually Akira’s A-mazing French Fry Bling Purse. “McDonald's runs never looked so chic,” according to the brands website.

"It’s never about practicality for me; It always comes down to style,” Quinn says when I ask her about the purse. "I am a sucker for any and all useless, expensive things — especially when it comes to inanimate objects. It’s all in the name of fashion. Starting with my chair purse, Area was then inspired to push the limits and make it even smaller. Enter the chat: the chair earring. So when my stylist Kathryn Gosik presented me with the french-fry purse from Akira, I was immediately hungry for more."

She was hungry; we’ve been satiated. Thank you, Christine Quinn, for carrying yet another season of Selling Sunset on your shoulder — thankfully the french fry is a clutch so that your efforts don’t have to be scattered.

Symone's Finale Lewk

All tea, Season 14 of RuPaul’s Drag Race had a lot going for it: memorable queens, stand-out lip syncs and a fair share of goopery. But one thing it was lacking for the most part: memorable looks. Disagree? Argue with the wall.

But when it came time for the finale, that all changed with the entrance of the reigning champion, Symone, who strutted her stuff down the runway in a T-shirt that was dipped in resin and draped over a slightly altered body cast (with hand sculpted boobs, but of course) and custom Swarovski crystal-encrusted deconstructed denim jeans unzipped at the waist à la Lil Kim’s “Notorious K.I.M.” album cover.

"We kept thinking about what Ru said to Jinx on her season about her Little Edie Snatch Game character, 'How are you going to explain this to the unwashed masses?'" says stylist Marko Monroe. "Luckily, I don't think the outfit needs a lot of explanation! It's just Symone doing iconic Symone things!"

In imagining how to make a T-shirt and jeans couture, they took inspiration from Andy Warhol, and how he would take classic American images and turn them into process driven works of art. They turned to designer Michael Schmidt, whose clientele has included an illustrious list of divas from Tina Turner to Cher to Madonna. The result? An exciting twist on what’s become expected from a queen’s passage of the crown.

As for Monroe’s thoughts on a brouhaha on Twitter over some fans feeling some type of way about this look in comparison to past queens? Monroe doesn’t miss a beat. "Symone loves trending for three days!"

Where Did Coachella Fashion Land? 

The ultimate sin for Coachella is there being little to talk about, so forgive them father, for they have... y’know. It’s not that Coachella used to mean something — let’s not overblow it — but it used to come with an aesthetic that, while not all its own, helped create the festival as fodder for the many not in attendance. What Vanessa Hudgens would wear became just as important, if not in some cases more important, than the musical acts themselves.

"Sorry but Coachella outfits this year are giving Shein fashion show,” reads one viral tweet that better summarizes the current state of affairs then I ever could. Perhaps this is just the inevitable life-cycle of a festival past its prime, but the Coachelle fits this year lacked any sense of where we were.

Jack Harlow in a Moncler polo, Conan Gray in custom pink Valentino, Bretman Rock in neon green Ottolinger, Anitta in Robert Cavalli and Nicole Scherzinger in Jacquemus. I loved Kim K’s Rick Owens dress with the current "it" accessory, the Coperni bag, but this felt very Kim out at Craig’s more than it did Kim in the desert.

Nothing about these looks delineated where they were. But maybe that’s the point? Maybe dressing for an occasion now means dressing for any occasion.

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