Alexa Demie's Favorite Madonna Song Is a Marvin Gaye Cover

Alexa Demie's Favorite Madonna Song Is a Marvin Gaye Cover

There's been a lot of buzz swirling around the upcoming Madonna biopic, specifically about who should play the iconic "Material Girl" and mother to Lourdes Leon.

The subject has been at the center of many internet debates with Bebe Rexha, Florence Pugh, Julia Garner and Alexa Demie all emerging as early contenders for the role. The secretive audition process is currently underway with the candidates rumored to be going through a rigorous boot camp to learn choreography.

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Appearing on the red carpet for HBO Max’s FYC (For Your Consideration) event to kick off the Emmy voting season, Euphoria star Demie would not outright confirm or deny that she has auditioned to play Madonna, dismissing it as a rumor with a coy shrug.

On the other hand, Demie did in fact reveal that she has met Madonna and even went on to tell Variety about what her favorite song is. “I really like this one that maybe not a lot of people know, called ‘I Want You.’ She has an orchestral version that’s amazing," Demie told the red carpet interviewer.

A deep cut from Madonna's discography, Demie's favorite track is actually a cover of a Marvin Gaye song from the album of the same name. Madonna's rendition of the classic tune was originally recorded with Massive Attack as part of a Gaye tribute compilation, called Inner City Blues: The Music Of Marvin Gaye. The orchestral version later ended up on Madonna's ballad retrospective compilation, Something To Remember, which is most likely where Demie found it.

Whether or not Demie actually ends up portraying Madonna in the forthcoming film, at least we know that she isn't like your run of the mill "Like a Virgin" or "Papa Don't Preach" fan. Then again, we expect nothing less from one of Euphoria's leading ladies and resident cool girls.

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