Will Queen Elizabeth Be Reincarnated as Trisha Paytas' Baby?

Will Queen Elizabeth Be Reincarnated as Trisha Paytas' Baby?

The internet has an interesting new theory involving Queen Elizabeth II and Trisha Paytas.

On Thursday, September 8, the British Monarchy's official website confirmed that the long-reigning Queen of England had passed away at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at the age of 96, naturally eliciting much eulogization as well as discussion of her legacy. However, the news just so happened to coincide with another big announcement from one of YouTube's most controversial figures, which has since resulted in a viral meme that's spread like wildfire amongst Twitter users.

It all started on Wednesday afternoon when Paytas shared that they'd gone into labor, mere hours before Queen Elizabeth's death was officially announced. And given the internet's love of a wacky conspiracy theory, it obviously didn't take long for people to start joking about the late royal being reincarnated as the mukbang lover's first child with husband Moses Hacmon — to quite interesting results.

"The queen dies and Trisha paytas is in labor…you do the math," as one person wrote, while others chimed in with comments like "the horrifying realization that the queen is going to be reincarnated as trisha paytas' baby" and "Holy fuck the Queen is going to be reincarnated as Trisha Paytas’ newborn child."

Meanwhile, some used the moment to make memes about "the queen's soul waiting to reincarnate as trisha paytas' baby," utilizing everything from a variety of classic reaction GIFs to clips taken from Paytas' videos to the infamous "the Queen has breached containment" image.

But while Paytas and Hacmon will probably be too busy to respond to the memes for a while, it worth noting that the couple — who got married in December 2021 — have been open about their difficulty conceiving due to Paytas' developing pelvic inflammatory disease after contracting chlamydia as a teen. Even so, their pregnancy journey has also been riddled with complications, including Paytas falling down the stairs and being hospitalized with COVID-19, though their daughter appears to be fine.

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