Adele and Ed Sheeran Decline to Perform at King Charles' Coronation

Adele and Ed Sheeran Decline to Perform at King Charles' Coronation

Adele and Ed Sheeran aren't interest in playing for superfan King Charles III.

According to a recent report from OK!, the two Brits apparently declined the royal's invitation to perform at his upcoming coronation celebration at Windsor Castle on May 7, where he will officially become the King of England following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, last year.

“The King has suggested a number of people he would like to perform and Adele and Ed were on that list,” as one organizer for the coronation told the British tabloid. “He was very keen that they were part of the concert."

The event planner then went on to explain that both stars said they were unavailable, with Ed's team citing scheduling difficulties thanks to a concert in Arlington, Texas the day before. However, sources close to the "Shape of You" singer later claimed he wasn't invited to the Mail on Sundaybut, even if he was, jetting across the pond in a private jet would make that kind of a non-issue.

In Adele's case though, the issue is more cut and dry, as the "I Drink Wine" musician didn't even bother with an explanation, despite having no scheduled shows in May.

"[It] was a massive disappointment," the organizer continued. "They are titans of the showbiz industry and are quintessentially British but also known across the globe. It’s such a shame.”

On a related note, numerous outlets continue to report that it's unclear whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be in attendance as their RSVPs are apparently MIA. That said, there's probably going to be at least a few celebs at Charles' coronation ceremony, as OK! said that Lionel Richie and the Spice Girls are likely to perform, with rumors of a potential Harry Styles appearance.

You can read OK!'s entire report here.

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