Trisha Paytas Pretends You're Their Baby in New POV ASMR Video

Trisha Paytas Pretends You're Their Baby in New POV ASMR Video

Trisha Paytas wants to be your mom.

As you've probably heard, the controversial YouTuber has already been using the recent birth of their first child, Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon, to stir up a ton of online chatter. From sparking a fierce debate amongst Twitter users about their daughter's name to engaging with fan conspiracy theories about Malibu Barbie being the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II, with this near-constant stream of drama, it's a pretty wild to think about how their baby — who they share with husband Moses Hacmon — was born just a week and a half ago. But with that said, Paytas has now seemingly decided to continue feeding into the frenzy by making a new POV ASMR video, where they pretend that they are your mother and you are their baby.

“POV ur my newborn baby," as the 34-year-old captioned a viral TikTok created from a series of clips taken from a longer video uploaded to their ASMR YouTube channel earlier this week, in which sees Paytas doing everything from giving you a binky to cutting your umbilical cord to changing your diaper.


POV ur my newborn baby 🤱🏼💕

♬ original sound - trishapaytas

Naturally though, the undeniably odd video has elicited quite a reaction from TikTok, with the general consensus on the platform being a mix of extreme confusion and "what the fucks?"

"This.... this is something," as one person wrote beneath the video, while a second asked whether Paytas was "okay." However, many just found their TikTok easy fodder for even more jokes about the late Queen of England, as well as quips about being "ready for bed now" and how the video "[brought] back so many memories!" Not to mention plenty of other hilarious comments like "just got burped by Trisha, wbu?" and "I’m a newborn how do I have teeth already." Good question.

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