Queen Latifah Fans Thought She Died Instead of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Latifah Fans Thought She Died Instead of Queen Elizabeth

There's no need to worry, because Queen Latifah is alive and well.

Late last week, the British Royal Family announced that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at the age of 96, with her sudden death leading to the creation of multiple trending hashtags and topics that featured commentary ranging from the expected memorial posts to bizarre rumors about her being reincarnated as YouTuber Trisha Paytas' newborn baby girl. That said, it also seems as if all the conversation surrounding England's longest-reigning monarch also led to some confusion across the pond, as a sizable portion of Americans initially believed the internet was mourning the beloved musician, comedian and actress instead.

As first reported by HipHopDX, a number of Twitter users started to freak out over Latifah's so-called "passing," which was apparently kicked off by a viral tweet that read, “I told my mama the Queen died, she talking about ‘LATIFAH ????'”

Thanks to the somewhat vague wording, the "U.N.I.T.Y." rapper's name also began to trend alongside posts about the Queen of England, which led to a flurry of tweets from those who initially "thought they were talking about Queen Latifah."

"Mf app had me scared I thought Queen Latifah died I was really about to cry," as one Twitter user said, while a second echoed their sentiment by adding, "everybody saying ‘rip queen’ thought y’all was talking bout Queen Latifah I was botta cry.”

Granted, there were also plenty of fans who tried to clear things up by explicitly stating that the 52-year-old star is definitely "alive and well," which the outlet went on to point out was an interesting coincidence, given that Latifah previously revealed that she decided to add a "no death" clause to her acting contracts following her 1996 movie, Set It Off. Meaning that none of her characters can be killed off, with Latifah herself explaining, "I’m starting to die too good in these movies, and if I die I can’t be in the sequel.”

As of writing, Latifah has yet to comment on the mix-up. However, as one fan tweeted, we definitely think she was "scrolling and cackling" the entire time.

Photos via Getty / Momodu Mansaray & Chris Jackson