Trisha Paytas Criticized for 'Exploiting' Pregnancy on OnlyFans

Trisha Paytas Criticized for 'Exploiting' Pregnancy on OnlyFans

Trisha Paytas is hitting back at critics who say they're "exploiting" their pregnancy.

Back in February, the social media star revealed they were expecting their first child with husband Moses Hacmon, which already drew its fair share of criticism from those questioning their parenting abilities. However, the latest controversy to emerge from their pregnancy journey is apparently some pushback surrounding their use of OnlyFans following their decision to tweet a semi-nude photo of themselves with a link to their account on the subscription-based adult site.

While they did have a few defenders, the vast majority of responses weren't so nice, with many making fun of their nipples and others even going so far as to accuse Paytas of "sexually exploiting" their "unborn child who can't consent" to "making porn."

In light of this though, Paytas appeared to anticipate the backlash in their initial post, as they also wrote, "Cue incoming sex work shaming because I'm a mom comments." Granted, this isn't the first time they've received this kind of criticism, as they were previously slammed for sharing censored nudes of themselves on Twitter to tease the "full uncensored" version on OnlyFans.

But despite all the negativity, Paytas has continued to document their excitement over their pregnancy online given their past struggles with infertility. After all, the star has been quite open about the issue starting in 2016 with their “Why I can’t have children” video after a number of doctors told them that they would never be able to have children after undiagnosed chlamydia left them with too much scar tissue.

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