Michael B. Jordan, aka Michael Bridget Jones Jordan (jk, but we'll explain!) appeared post-Met Gala on Stephen Colbert's Late Show hoarse maybe from yelling "WAKANDA FOREVER" with his fellow Black Panther cast mates. But he was preternaturally smooth, as he always is.

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The actor who famously played Erik Killmonger in the record-shattering Panther told Colbert that while in character, he kept diaries for his villainous role, a process he said was quite dark and sad. (Also, that explains the Bridget Jones reference.) Judging by the Jordan's acclaimed, complex characterization of Killmonger (who while all kinds of sexy-fine, was problematic AF), this seems more than accurate.

"It was a very sad journal," Jordan explains. "Not having his mom growing up, he was in and out of the system, foster care, foster homes. It's a lot of dark stuff that's probably not right for television. It was deep, man. But it allowed me to go [to] places before a scene."

Photo via BFA

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