Michael B. Jordan Wants to #ChangeHollywood
Black Lives Matter

Michael B. Jordan Wants to #ChangeHollywood

Michael B. Jordan, in collaboration with Color of Change, has launched a new initiative to make Hollywood more inclusive.

The #ChangeHollywood movement that lays out concrete steps that all production companies, studios, and agencies can take to amplify Black voices, and tell anti-racist stories. "Hollywood has a history of racism … Excluding Black talent, silencing Black voices, derailing Black careers, and propping up policing and injustices… Hollywood, break the pattern it's about that time," Jordan, who is also CEO of his own production company Outlier Society, tweeted on Thursday.

With the help of other creatives of color and advocates against racism, #ChangeHollywood "will provide resources to help people and organizations who are committed to implementing the steps in the Roadmap." The four steps they specify are: divest from the police, invest in anti-racist content, invest in black talent and careers, and invest in black communities.

"This roadmap is just the beginning of the journey to racial justice. We are all accomplices in the fight to transform Hollywood, and we invite content creators and industry leaders to join us in working together to #ChangeHollywood," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "We look forward to including a variety of voices in doing what we do best: telling authentic stories, bringing people together, partnering with influential artists, and changing the rules of the game."

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