Linux Remixes Slayyyter's 'Daddy AF'

Linux Remixes Slayyyter's 'Daddy AF'

Earlier this year, Slayyyter gave us the gift that was "Daddy AF" — a cuntastic party anthem obsessed with popping bottles in the Playboy grotto. And just when you thought that was the pinnacle of bratty pop perfection, NYC icon Linux has given us her witty "Tranny AF" remix — and, needless to say, it's everything.

Keeping Slayyyter's trap-indebted, red-line production intact, Linux gives the lyrics a slight spin, providing the party-hardy concept a bit of an update. You know, just in case you missed lines like, "I've been wearing bundles, I've been getting kundled all night" and "He wanna choke on my nuts, but only for 500 bucks."

"The song 'Daddy AF' was already a bad bitch anthem in its own right, and I couldn't help but feel driven to retell Slayyyter's story through an adjacent trans perspective," Linux tells PAPER, before adding, "Also it's a cunty ass beat how could I not remix it right."

More importantly though, "Tranny AF" is also a song about the pride that comes with being able to confidently strut down the street as a proud transwoman.

"'Tranny' is a word we've all come to hate and being trans is a label we've all come to want to hide from when going out in public," Linux continues. "But there's just something so catty about walking down the street in 9-inch Pleasers at 4 a.m. with hooker money in your Chanel purse looking glam as fuck, owning your archetypical trans-ness, feeling like you've finally cracked the code and found a way to harness same the energy of New York City. Like all the other seemingly successful non-trans people have seemed to do."

So strap on your Pleasers and listen to Linux's twist on the classic, below.

Photo courtesy of Linux