Kylie Jenner is responding to accusations of bullying Tyga's music video co-star several years ago.

Recently, the reality star was the subject of two TikToks by Victoria Vanna, in which the model alleged that Kylie, her assistant, Stassie Karanikolaou and Jordyn Woods made fun of her dancing on the set of her then-boyfriend's 2015 music video, "Ice Cream Man."

"Being a model isn't always as fun as it seems especially around celebs," Victoria said in the caption, before adding in the video that this was about "the time i did tygas music video & Kylie Jenner was on set bullying me w her friends."

Victoria then went on to talk about how she had to go outside because she started "full-on crying" after Kylie began sizing her up, whispering and pointing at her while she was dancing, saying that "they were all just making fun of me, clearly."

Not only that, but Victoria also claimed that she felt like the girls were following her outside, after which she supposedly heard them "still talking about [her]" while eating in a car.

"I felt my face get hot, because I was like excited to meet her, and I just felt bullied for no reason," she continued. "And I really was so excited that she was even there. And everybody told me not to worry, because she was a bitch to everyone when she was on-set places, and even Tyga's friends told me she was just intimidated."

And as for why she decided to share her experience now, Victoria explained that she no longer "gives a shit" and thinks of it as a "funny" moment before adding that she's not mad.

"[I'm not] saying this is still who she is, it was just what happened to me," she concluded. "Just don't bully people."


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That said, Kylie herself decided to address Victoria's claims after the TikToks went viral and eventually wrote on a The Shade Room post that "this never happened." Victoria has yet to respond to Kylie's denial, but in the meantime you can see the KUWTK star's comment, below.

Photo via Getty / Neilson Barnard

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