Kylie Jenner's Alleged 'Refusal' to Tag a Black-Owned Brand Sparks Debate

Kylie Jenner's Alleged 'Refusal' to Tag a Black-Owned Brand Sparks Debate

Kylie Jenner's alleged "refusal" to tag a Black-owned fashion brand in one of her recent posts has sparked an intense online debate.

On Monday, Jenner uploaded a photo of herself in the "Limited Edition Raw Edge Vashtie Dress" made by London-based Loud Brand Studios.

However, the absence of a tag redirecting fans to Loud Brand's account also ended up raising more than a few eyebrows, especially after some said that she was "limiting" critical comments.

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"The sad part is that it literally takes less effort to tag her brand in the first place instead of going through all these damn hoops to delete comments and limit shit. Spiteful for no reason," as one person wrote, while someone else pointed out that the simple gesture would've "changed [the owner of Loud Brand's] life forever."

Meanwhile, others refuted the claim that Jenner was unaware of the designer and accused her of "only tagging the big names and not the small business she STEALS from," alongside screenshots of past posts in which she tagged the likes of Dior and Chanel.

At the same time though, many others pushed back on the criticism, arguing that "Kylie didn't owe that designer any obligation to tag her, she bought the dress."

"Kylie wearing the dress is promotion in itself," as another Twitter user responded. "Prior to working with celebs do your quick research. Kylie doesn't tag designers unless it's for a big event and also promotion isn't free whether she's a billionaire or not. Even if you don't agree these are facts!"

In the wake of the backlash, Jenner tweeted that the allegation was "a reach," writing, "why would i ever REFUSE to tag a brand and block comments. this is completely false."

The star then went on to shout out Loud Brand Studios and add a tag to her original post, before promising to tag any other Black-owned brands she happened to wear.

As for Loud Brand, they've been "so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love," and thanked Jenner and stylist Jill Jacobs for the feature. But the best part is that the dress itself is now completely sold out thanks to the increased attention — a development that's since been celebrated by many Twitter users.

Check out Loud Brand Studios for yourself, here.

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