Watch Kidd Kenn's Eyebrow Tutorial

Watch Kidd Kenn's Eyebrow Tutorial

Though you may primarily know Kidd Kenn for his sprightly singles and cheeky wordplay, his eyebrows are also something worthy of their very own cult following.

In fact, ever since he first popped up on our radar, his brows — subtle highlight, delicate arch, and all — have always made us do a double take. Granted, as evidenced by Kidd Kenn's recent video tutorial, we weren't the only ones.

Working toward a more natural look with a "cute, little" arch, Kenn's technique involves a lot of brushing, careful outlining, and dark brown ("not black, you hoes!") brow cream. And though he doesn't share his products of choice, it's still an informative, helpful watch for anyone who's ever wanted a crisp, IG-ready eyebrow.

That said, it may take you a little practice — seeing as how he's been doing it since sixth grade — but with all this extra self-isolation time, there's now zero excuse to not emerge from quarantine with a next-level brow, courtesy of Kidd Kenn.

Watch the tutorial in full, below.

Photography: Brendan Carroll for PAPER


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