Kidd Kenn Has Your New Sugar Baby Anthem

Kidd Kenn Has Your New Sugar Baby Anthem

Rap wunderkind Kidd Kenn is back today with a new music video for his Dess Dior collab, "Gold Digger." Their release follows the viral success of Kenn's Delli Boe-assisted single, "Freestyle," which caught the attention of City Girls and picked up more than 1.7 million views on Twitter.

Staying true to its title, "Gold Digger" is all about Kenn's love of cash money. "Where the shovel, cause bitch I'm a gold digger," the 17-year-old Chicago-based artist says on the hook. "I just pulled up on a fine ass rich white man," Kenn later raps, sitting inside a black car and glittering from head to toe.

Elsewhere in the "Gold Digger" visual, Kenn and Dior taunt their butler and throw around stacks of dollar bills at a lavish dinner table. There's also a sleepover complete with a pillow fight, and some all-star beauty looks from Kenn. Those perfectly sculpted eyebrows. That frosty hot pink hair.

All in all, it's yet another win for the queer rap sensation, who knows he's better than you and uses that self-confidence to crank out tons of hip-hop hits. In 2020 alone, Kenn has dropped four singles, including "Benji" and "Naomi Walk" with Dai Burger, and 2021 will only be brighter.

Behind the Scenes

Stream "Gold Digger" by Kidd Kenn and Dess Dior, below.

Photos courtesy of Nick Khan