Please Just #StayTheFuckHome

Please Just #StayTheFuckHome

Comedian and fuckboy doctor Mary Beth Barone is using her platform to spread a message that many other celebrities and influencers are now beginning to share as well: "Stay the fuck home!"

In a video posted to her IGTV this weekend, Barone urged her followers to social distance in order to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19. The call to action isn't unwarranted — attitudes towards social distancing are changing by the hour as more and more people realize the harmful effects caused by crowding and socialization during a global pandemic.

The full two-minute video has amassed around 70,000 views since it was posted two days ago, and echoes the sentiments shared in the now-viral story about "Patient 31" in South Korea. The Reuters graphic story, which circulated widely on Twitter yesterday, demonstrates the real-life harm of attending large social gatherings during a global health crisis, even when one is asymptomatic. The patient in question ended up exposing over a thousand contacts to the novel coronavirus, especially after they attended a large church service.

Despite local governments finally intervening to limit gatherings and eliminate all in-person patronage to gyms, bars, theaters, and restaurants, Barone's statement remains important for those in areas where the mandates have not yet gone into effect: it's time to just stay the fuck home. Visit for more info.

Photo via Instagram