Inside Kidd Kenn's Packed NYC Pride

Inside Kidd Kenn's Packed NYC Pride

Story by Payton Dunn / Photography by Kadar Small

It’s a wonder how Kidd Kenn made it to the end of Pride Month in one piece.

Just going on music releases alone, the irreverent Chicago rapper had a schedule so packed that it seemed almost superhuman. Kenn kicked off the month by teasing out tracks from his forthcoming GrownEP, from the bouncy lead single "Body" to the piano-based headbanger "At It Again," and rounding off the month with the Beethoven-sampling, “Want Not a Need.”

Somehow, those ended up just being footnotes in his month-long run, from WeHo Pride to Seattle's Taking Black Pride. Kenn's hectic schedule winded onto New York as he performed with ballroom legends Jack Mizrahi, Twiggy Pucci Garçon and Jonovia at the LSS Ball hosted at Club Lambda in East Williamsburg on June 20. He gave an iconic performance of "Body," telling PAPER that "the girls went up" for it.

Just a few days later on June 23, Kenn made his way up to Harlem to perform at its "newest LGBTQ+ bar lounge" 4West Lounge during Trappy Hour, dubbing it "Trappy Pride" and kicking off New York City’s Pride weekend with a spectacle. The event was so popular that the venue was packed past capacity, with over 700 people crammed into the tight space. DJ Kenni Javon cycled through Kenn’s hottest and freshest songs, with Kenn saying, “It was the perfect end to a busy press week and kick off to the weekend.”

Even though Pride Month has come to a close, we’re here to celebrate everything Kenn was able to stuff into its short 30 days. Kenn gives us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the chaos and partying, below.

LSS Ball

Body so real, body look plastic.

Trappy Pride

In the mix.

Photography: Kadar Small


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