Super Bitch and Kidd Kenn Want You to Be 'Your Own Hero'

Super Bitch and Kidd Kenn Want You to Be 'Your Own Hero'

Kidd Kenn and Dremon (aka Super Bitch) have joined forces with the Creative Theory Agency to create a powerful, new video dubbed "Your Own Hero" in celebration of LGBTQIA+ voices in the Black community.

An uplifting visual that highlights the importance of queer Black youth recognizing the latent power inside of themselves even amid the obstacles, "Your Own Hero" puts a spotlight on the power of authentic expression and staying true to yourself as you "shamelessly [step] out of the box, [try] something new, and [be] a pioneer in whatever it is you love to do."

Taking inspiration from Dremon and Kidd Kenn's own experiences with having to "be strong to survive" as young, gay Black youth, "Your Own Hero" aims to empower others "who are struggling to find the power in their voice within their community." And filled with words of wisdom, the result is a stirring, poignant piece that's made all the more important amid continued conversations surrounding the representation of queer Black voices.

"The video is a powerful statement that I wanted to make and I feel like it's going to connect to with a lot of people no matter their background or sexual orientation," Kidd Kenn explained and, with that said, "Your Own Hero" should be required viewing for anyone who feels the need to connect to their inner strength.

Watch "Your Own Hero" for yourself, below.

Photo courtesy of Creative Theory Agency