Julia Fox and Anna Delvey Spill the Tea on 'Forbidden Fruits'
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Julia Fox and Anna Delvey Spill the Tea on 'Forbidden Fruits'

by Kenna McCafferty

It’s no surprise that Julia Fox had Anna Delvey (real name: Anna Sorokina) as her latest Forbidden Fruitspodcast guest, alongside co-host Niki Takesh. The two ran in the same circles in the "outside" world and have both skyrocketed to fame at a similar time, Fox following her whirlwind romance with Kanye West and Delvey alongside the release of the Netflix series dramatizing her life story.

For those who haven’t seen Shonda Rhimes’ Inventing Anna or read the news in 2018, Delvey made headlines for posing as a German heiress, using her status to convince banks, hotels and individuals to fund her lavish lifestyle. The series, however, paints a more nuanced picture, with Delvey as someone desperate for a different life, though in conversation with Fox, Delvey confirmed it had nothing to do with fame. “[Fame] was not a goal of mine,” she said over collect-call. “I just wanted to succeed at every cost.”

The pair is far from unlikely, with Fox having explored her own rags-to-riches trajectory in countless interviews. Fox and Delvey, who is currently in an ICE detention center after serving four years in prison, got into everything from the stylist behind her iconic court looks (that infamous choker was, in fact, a string from Delvey’s shorts), and whether she’s found a prison-bae. (She has not, though it was “hard to resist.”)

The central character of their conversation was Delvey’s ex-best-friend Rachel DeLoache Williams, former writer and editor at Vanity Fair, who sold Delvey out to the police and then sold her story in the book, My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress. Delvey, whose had plenty of time on her hands, also has plans to release a book, remarking, “If Rachel was mad about the Netflix series, she has not seen anything yet.”

Fox further reacted to Delveys newfound and somewhat spiteful success. “I have so much compassion for my haters,” the Uncut Gems actress said. “Hating me must be the worst thing ever because I always win.”

As for Delvey, who hasn’t had a win in a while, she looks forward to following through on her dream of opening the Delvey Foundation once she’s free, though it “would not be the same thing I was planning in my twenties.” Following her experience in prison, it may incorporate art and prison reform, she says.

Tune into their episode this week for more truths, tea and to confirm that Delvey has, in fact, never been a sugar baby.

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