Julia Fox Is in Her Canadian Tux Era

Julia Fox Is in Her Canadian Tux Era

by Trishna Rikhy

What’s a muse and an actress and denim all over? Julia Fox.

Safdie’s Uncut Gems muse has been rocking the head-to-toe Canadian tux with a twist this spring, ushering in a reawakening of low-rise jeans and all-denim everything, from bralettes to boots to a pair of jeans that also work as a handbag.

As with all things Fox does, the denim fixation isn’t half-hearted; just as when Fox wears eyeliner, she wears eyeliner, when Fox wears denim, she wears denim. It’s one-fabric-fits-all, as seen in her bold Schiaparelli look at Paris Fashion Week, where she stepped out in a matching denim ensemble with Ye — the only part of her look that wasn’t denim was her exposed midriff, highlighting the baggy, low-rise fit of her jeans.

Really, Fox is a jack of all trades: her career has spanned both nicheness and notoriousness, from her rise in the New York arts and dominatrix scene to an actress, muse, and upcoming author. When denim comes into the picture, we can add clothing designer to Fox’s resume, too — she posted a DIY low-rise jeans tutorial to her Instagram, sharing how fans can get the ripped-waistline look she wore in LA.

“Honestly now that latex is kinda played out, Denim, you’re all I have left,” Fox wrote in the Instagram caption to her tutorial. Her low-rise denim look featured Alexander Wang denim boots and a thin bandeau made from the cut-off waistline of her light wash pants.

Fox’s denim era is centered around the 3 Bs: bagginess, bra, and bag. The holy trinity of denim pieces came out to play in Los Angeles this week, with the added bonus of a denim blazer to finish off the polished all-jean look (including her denim Balenciaga Hourglass bag).

Her denim revival could be part of the renewal of Y2K-inspired designs in fashion, referencing Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s iconic double-denim moment from 2001 — but knowing Fox, the desire for denim is probably more rooted in her own authenticity than anything, coinciding with her experimental use of eyeliner and play with couture following her breakup with former BF and stylist, Ye. Whatever the reason, Fox is doubling down on denim, so it’s only a matter of time until the world follows suit.

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