Julia Fox Isn't Writing a Memoir, She's Writing a 'Masterpiece'

Julia Fox Isn't Writing a Memoir, She's Writing a 'Masterpiece'

by Myka Greene

2022 has been quite the whirlwind year for Julia Fox, so much so that the whole experience might be documented in a brand new memoir. Sorry, not a memoir, but a "masterpiece" according to the Uncut Gems muse herself. Between her definitely hush-hush, not at all publicized romantic relationship with a certain famous rapper, to hosting Anne Delvey on a podcast, Fox surely has a lot of source material to pull from.

In a red carpet interview at Sunday's Vanity Fair Oscars after party, Fox explained that while she can’t say much about the allusive book, it is “so far a masterpiece.”

Fox did not offer a release date for her written body of work, though promised that it is no longer explicitly a “memoir,” rather, it should be considered her “first book” which begs the question, what will it contain? Will we get a conflation of reality and fiction (although many aspects of Fox’s actual reality already seem stranger than fiction)? Will we have a living breathing history documentation of the now infamous relationship with Ye to pass down to our children?

Of course, the internet is already taking guesses as to what her cryptic statements could mean, with some noting that her vagueness might mean the book isn't actually in process. Rachel Kurzius subtweeted the 33-second interview clip with the caption “When my editor asks me about the story I’m working on, and I have yet to write a single word.”

Despite the comments and doubts from folks online, Fox stated that writing the book is actually a dream project of hers.

Fox's alleged book isn't the only topic up for discussion after her night at the Oscars. Draped in another leather moment from Balenciaga, Fox also caught attention at the event in a dress that featured a black sculptured hand wrapped around her throat and a clutch made of real human hair. She, of course, wore the bold, black eyeliner that has become her signature, fueling the fire that Fox secretly wants to be the next Black Swan. The last time she attended the party was in 20 BK (Before Kanye). A lot has certainly changed since then.

Photo via Getty/ Karwai Tang