This Is Not Julia Fox

This Is Not Julia Fox

No, your heavily-lined eyes don't deceive you. Despite what Getty Images may lead you to believe, that is not actually Julia Fox pouncing on some man in SoHo.

A new gallery of paparazzi shots of a woman in a red coat with slicked-back hair, Margiela Tabi boots and the Uncut Gems star's characteristic heavy black eyeliner wing is making the rounds after being erroneously labeled as Julia Fox. With a quick glance, the resemblance is definitely there, but upon closer scrutiny (and some mental makeup remover), it's clear to see that this mystery woman is not Ms. Fox.

What is perhaps more intriguing, however, is the bizarre tableau the candid shots of this Fox lookalike seem to paint, from a handful of impish grins to inexplicably pouncing on some seemingly poor unsuspecting passerby. Devoid of context, the images are pretty much inscrutable and, if not for their passing resemblance to the young ingenue, would be almost enigmatically banal if it weren't for what was basically a clerical error.

Serendipitously, the mixup, like so many other celebrity lookalikes that have gone on to enjoy their own form of viral fame, may very well lead to a new star being born (or at the very least result in a good candidate for Fox's next stunt double).

A spare Julia Fox stand-in could have come in handy during her brief fling with Kanye West earlier this year. Fox recently revealed in a TikTok that part of the reason she started dating the rapper was in the hopes it would help stop him from fixating on his ex, Kim Kardashian. “I had this thought: I was like, 'Oh my god, maybe I can get him off of Kim’s case. Maybe I can distract him, just get him to like me and I knew if anyone can do it, it’s me,'” she said.

Fox went on to add that she didn't hesitate to pull the ripcord knowing she couldn't be the support he needed. Fox also added that while she respects him as an artist, she stands "with the Jewish community, period."

Photos via Getty/Raymond Hall