Ice Spice Makes a Cameo During Zedd's Ultra Miami Set

Ice Spice Makes a Cameo During Zedd's Ultra Miami Set

Ice Spice is everywhere — even at EDM festivals.

On the heels of her recent Nicki Minaj endorsement and North West collab, Ice Spice made yet another iconic cameo last night at Ultra, the electronic music festival in Miami. The surprise performance came during a performance by Zedd, who welcomed the 23-year-old breakout rapper to the stage during his set.

As seen in a video posted on Twitter, the "In Ha Mood" rapper appears on stage with "The Middle" DJ and producer as he says, "Everybody make some noise for for the one and only Ice Spice." It makes sense, knowing that Ice Spice's song "No Clarity" uses a sample from Zedd's 2012 smash single "Clarity."

While it's unclear if the rave community is tuned into the rise of Ice Spice, whose real name is Isis Gaston, she has previously spoken openly about being a longtime fan of DJs like Zedd, Skrillex, and Martin Garrix — whose song "In the Name of Love" she has also sampled. In a January interview, she told NME that she enjoyed EDM music as a middle schooler in the 2010s.

"At a point of time in the early 2010s around middle school, I started hearing it more when it became more popular. I was hearing Zedd and Skrillex a lot," she told the publication. "Do you remember when Skrillex was super big? That was a whole era. People went from emo to Skrillex like that."

Proving that she's willing to experiment with genre, she added, "The samples were just very different, you know? It sounded so fresh, and it took drill somewhere else. It became about love and feelings."

See the clip of Ice Spice and Zedd's performance below.

Photo by Scott Dudelson / Getty Images