It's the Year 3000, and We're Suiting up in GCDS

It's the Year 3000, and We're Suiting up in GCDS

Photography by Nadia Lee Cohen / Styling by Anna Trevelyan

An Off-Kilter Day at the Beach.

Production Company: Kite Rock Pictures; Photographer/Director: Nadia Lee Cohen; Producer: Fabien Colas; Stylist: Anna Trevelyan; Stylist Assistant: Rachel Bode; Production Designer: Brittany Porter; Art Assistant: Zachary B Friedman; Art Assistant: Hensel Martinez; Photographer Assistant: David Lopez; Photographer Asst: Andrew Goeser; Cinematographer: Frank Pfeifer; Makeup: Anthony Nguyen; Makeup Assistant: Jessica Romrell; Hair: Sami Knight at Starworks using Bumble and Bumble; Hair Assistant: Jess Mishler; Nails: Yoko Sakakura; FX Makeup: Malina Stearns; FX Makeup Asst: Hannah Reed; FX Makeup Asst: Pedro Rios; Tailor: Kristine Karnaky; PA: Richard Knickerbocker; PA: Cody Saffron


Gretchen Dickason (Cyclops Wife)
Ken Dickason (Cyclops Husband)
Heang Lay (Bodybuilder)
Lauren Powers (Bodybuilder)
Jeffrey Prada (Young Boy)
Jenna Williams (Twin)
Julia Williams (Twin)
Maya Norman (Young Girl)
Michael Farmer (Old Tanned Man)
Susan Touchbourne (Old Tanned Lady)
Rob Flowers (Man with Big Belly)
India Haylee Barton (Woman with Robot Eye)