G Flip on Chrishell Stause and Their 'GET ME OUTTA HERE' Music Video

G Flip on Chrishell Stause and Their 'GET ME OUTTA HERE' Music Video

by Shaad D'Souza

On their debut album About Us, Los Angeles-via-Melbourne artist G Flip, AKA Georgia Flipo, traced the arc of a past relationship, from breakup to reconciliation, fizzy electro-pop standing in for the sparks of attraction and rekindling that they were feeling at the time. It was a form that fit the music — dazzling synths channeling the rush of romance.

A few years down the line and G Flip is in a bit of a different place. "GET ME OUTTA HERE," their new single, takes the toxicity of a breakup and turns it into a brash, punchy pop-punk track that’s as indebted to early Christina Aguilera as it is '90s and 2000s rock staples. A loud, no-fucks-given counterpoint to About Us, it’s a gritty and deeply ingratiating introduction to a new era of G Flip.

G Flip’s new, guitar-oriented sound, as exciting a shift as it is, isn’t why their face has been splashed all over the entertainment tabloids lately, though. Last week, on the reunion of season five of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, it was revealed that, as many fans suspected, G Flip has been dating celebrity realtor Chrishell Stause for the past few months. Towards the end of the episode, reunion host Tan France asks Stause if she’s been dating anyone, after which she spoke a little about her relationship with G Flip and the experience of meeting them for the first time. The announcement, along with the 30-second clip of “GET ME OUTTA HERE” that played on the episode, instantly went viral, with "Who is G Flip?" articles popping up all over.

Although Stause noted on the show that she and G Flip met because she was going to be in their video for "GET ME OUTTA HERE," G Flip is quick to note when speaking to PAPER that they actually met last October and things progressed from there. And the question on everyone’s lips: can we expect to see any cameos from them in the future? "That’s not something I’m interested in," they say. "I just wanna make music, play shows and follow my musical dreams."

Below, PAPER goes behind the scenes with G Flip and Chrishell Stause on the set of "GET ME OUTTA HERE."

"GET ME OUTTA HERE" has a more abrasive, rock-focused edge than anything you’ve released before. Can you talk a little about the style and what you reference points were when making the track?

Over COVID I had a lot of time to think about the music I was producing. My first instrument is drums and I was a session drummer before I went solo. At my shows I rip drum solos and play half the set on kit, yet the music I was producing didn’t show or represent that. So my music moving forward I definitely want to bring the kit to the front. "GET ME OUTTA HERE" was based around the kit part. I also grew up on punk/rock music, so what I’m creating now feels more like me.

What does "GET ME OUTTA HERE" speak to, emotionally and lyrically?

The sonics of the song overall are a little more aggressive, so lyrically I wanted to match that angle. Lyrically the song is about being so done with a relationship or situationship that you peace out cause you’re just so over it. I’ve had situations in my life where I’ve walked away from someone and no longer have any more "fucks to give."

"GET ME OUTTA HERE" is one of the first songs you’ve made and released since moving to LA. What has that experience been like for you and how have you found making music there, as opposed to in Melbourne?

I fucking love LA. The weather, the people, the creatives here. It’s such a colorful place. I love the producers and musicians I’ve found here, and the opportunities here are endless. LA is like no other.

What does this song say about your forthcoming body of work?

Definitely I’m moving more rock then staying in a straight pop lane, which feels more like me. I grew up jamming on drums in my garage with my dad blaring on a guitar. I’m a multi-instrumentalist. I like to play all the instrumental parts on my songs. So my next body of work will be way less produced pop and way more organic instrumentally.

This song, as with so many of your songs, is very drums forward, but the drums are especially a star of this track. What inspired the drum fills on this song?

I love this question cause now I can be a drum nerd. This song has lots of space where I definitely could have flexed and jam-packed it with fills, but I was very selective and just chose the sweet moments to do my thing.

When I sent my co-producer Dan Farber my drum parts, he was surprised at how reserved I was on kit, but I think sometimes simplicity is best and filling sound for the sake of filling sound is unnecessary. When I was studying music we were taught in improvisation classes that space is the key to a good solo. I’ve always taken this with me.

How do you feel like you’ve changed as a drummer as your style has evolved, and as you’ve continued to release music post-About Us?

I feel like I’m just hitting harder and harder now. Studying drums and doing a music degree I was playing a lot of jazz and samba, where I’d use light maple sticks. If I used those sticks today they be broken all over the floor. I grew up playing heavier music and I think that hard hitting drum style is coming back in my playing.

The music video for this track features Chrishell Stause. Can you talk a little about your experience meeting her for the first time while filming, and why you wanted to include her in the video?

We actually didn’t meet on the set of my music video, which has been written about quite a bit. I first met Chrishell last year in October. We had been hanging out and naturally we would speak about our work lives and what we had coming up. Talking about the music video for a song I was gonna release in the future called "GET ME OUTTA HERE," Chrishell gave me ideas for the visuals and then actually came up with the creative for it, which very much highlights her talents.

A clip from this video recently featured on the Selling Sunset reunion. What was that experience like, to see your music be part of such a massive cultural moment? And can we expect any more cameos on Selling Sunset in the future?

To be honest, I’d never watched Selling Sunset before and thought it was a show about houses. I’ve quickly learned that it’s a little more about everyone’s personal lives than real estate. It was definitely an interesting experience, but I’m so proud of Chrishell and how she has handled everything.

As for cameos, that’s not something I’m interested in. I just wanna make music, play shows and follow my musical dreams.

Photo courtesy of Nazrin Massaro


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