G Flip Brings New Life to 'Waste Of Space' With the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles

G Flip Brings New Life to 'Waste Of Space' With the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles

Australian singer G Flip previously released "Waste Of Space," the chilling anthem to soundtrack a childhood of confusion and isolation that leads to the mature reassurance that they wish to impart on the world. Today, G Flip shares a gorgeous acoustic version of the track, this time aided by the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles. They are known as the first chorus in America composed entirely of trans-identifying members.

Speaking on the experience working with the chorus, G Flip said, "I am so honored to have worked with the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles. They arranged their parts and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I'm so grateful to them for agreeing to be a part of this song."

In the raw video, premiering on PAPER today, the clear shots of the chorus joining in are spine-chilling, and the tiny room is full of emotion, solidarity and love. "My favorite part of the video is seeing the expressions on the choir member’s faces when they sing 'I’m not a waste of space,'" G Flip explains. "It’s a really powerful moment in the song and you’re able to see how it resonates differently for different people. Some people are hopeful, others are angry or sad and some are proud and beaming. It’s really moving to see."

The video is shot in a sparse, empty room. G Flip's gorgeous voice fills the negative space with their comforting rasp. The chorus joins in, representing all races, bodies, identities and voices, adding hope to Flip's sad lyrics. They reassure that no one is a waste of space, emphasizing the importance of community in the face of adversity.

G Flip further expands on the importance of the song, telling PAPER:

"I released 'Waste of Space' because if I had a song like this as a kid it would have changed my entire life. My first memory of being confused about my gender was when I was seven. I struggled to understand if I was a boy or a girl. Because I didn’t fit into either label, the other kids would call me a 'waste of space' and I was ostracized.

Representation in the media matters. It only takes one piece of media for someone to feel like they’ve been given permission to be themself. I, along with so many other non-binary and gender non-conforming souls, are here. We are present and we are going to make noise until this generation and future generations aren’t ostracized for simply being their beautiful, authentic selves.

As I’ve come into myself as an artist and choose to release songs inspired by my own queer journey, I feel like my purpose on this earth is to help with educating the world about gender identity while being the non-binary role-model that I never had growing up.”

Below, watch the PAPER premiere of "Waste Of Space," featuring the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles.

Photo courtesy of G Flip