Chrishell Stause Gave G Flip a Tattoo
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Chrishell Stause Gave G Flip a Tattoo

by Kenna McCafferty

Selling Sunset’sCrishell Stause and G Flip are tattoo official. Days after confirming their romance on the reunion episode of Selling Sunset, Stause took her relationship with the nonbinary Australian pop star to the next level by tattooing “GET ME OUTTA HERE” on G Flip’s thigh in shaky handwriting. She’ll be perfecting gothic fonts in no time.

Though it may not seem like the most romantic tat, the text is a nod to G Flip’s new song, titled “Get Me Outta Here.” G Flip debuted the tattoo in an Instagram post, captioned “Fuck houses do ink.”

To which Stause replied, “Found my new calling. Might open up a new shop.” While an Oppenheim tattoo parlor is something we’d love to see, we’re hoping she won’t quit her day job just yet.

However, Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan seems to be supportive, commenting, “This is hectic AF and I’m here for it.”

It is exactly the dose of chaotic good we needed this week, and we’ll be seeing more of it as G Flip decided to make the tattoo the cover art for their new single, as well, which features the singer wearing leopard print pants around their knees, framing their new ink with two middle fingers.

The relationship between Stause and G Flip has been nothing if not chaotic. The two met on the set of a G Flip music video, and, in a snippet Chrishell shared during Selling Sunset, were locking lips within seconds.

“[The relationship] started because I was just going to be in their video. And it’s about this chaotic love story. I come from soaps, I love acting,” Stause explained, “And with the job that we have, I don’t always get to do it. At first of course I was like, ‘Yes, let’s do that.'”

It seems the two have done all that and more. G Flip is now reportedly living in Stause’s Hollywood Hills mansion.

Meanwhile, Stause's ex and the co-owner of the Oppenheim group, Jason, is “still healing” from the breakup, much like G Flip’s tattoo. Oppenheim, G Flip’s tattoo and Chrishell’s tattooing skills will all need some time, but we’re glad to see the Selling Sunset star trying new things.

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