Dorian Electra's Top 10 'My Agenda' US Tour Memories

Dorian Electra's Top 10 'My Agenda' US Tour Memories

Story by Justin Moran / Photography by Adam Powell

Few artists navigated lockdown with as much innovation as Dorian Electra, whose sophomore 2020 album, My Agenda, became the center point for activations inside every crevice of the internet possible, from Zoom raves to Minecraft festivals and a flurry of memes: Gay frogs, PSL slinging girl bosses, Rebecca Black cameos, Mountain Dew everything and more.

Their fandom, often called the Church of Electra, has packed this release with inside jokes and flamboyant, frenetic energy, which is why the accompanying My Agenda Tour has been one queer climax — bringing the last two years of online chaos into the real world for shows across the country, and now, the world.

Every stop is a full-blown takeover of Electra’s rainbow militia, featuring unisex bathrooms decorated with informational pamphlets, condoms for everyone and, of course, litter boxes for all the furries in attendance. The live show itself is high-concept pop pandemonium, split into three parts with Electra performing material off their two albums alongside a crew of backup dancers.

With the US leg of Electra’s tour officially over, PAPER asked the artist to reflect on their 10 favorite memories (with photos from the New York stop earlier this year). They bring My Agenda to Europe this week, starting April 1 in London with openers Coucou Chloe and Lil Mariko. Drink the water, if you dare: As Electra sings on the title track, they’re “plotting to take over and destroy you all.”

Sleeping on the bus and living in Walmart parking lots.

When someone in LA threw an infant-sized fedora on stage for me (sadly it got lost, if anybody is reading this, yes I need another one. Thank you).

Every night after the show we would get off stage and peel off our sweaty clothes, hang them up and spray them down with an industrial sized pesticide spray bottle full of bottom shelf vodka because apparently that's how you clean clothes on tour.

Getting to finally meet Danny Brown and having him join me on stage in Austin for the "Gentleman" remix.

Seeing an epic group of furries in Boston going crazy in the back (and in many cities).

Every single city where I've seen someone dressed up fully as The Joker (thankfully, many).

When somebody held up the book Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher in San Francisco.

Getting to hang out and party with all the opening acts (Coucou Chloe and Lil Mariko also joining me for the UK/EU tour).

Getting to spend real quality time with my friends and amazing dancers, Starmaxx and Zam.

Everyone who used the litter boxes in the bathroom.

Photography: Adam Powell