11 Songs That Scream Four Loko Energy
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11 Songs That Scream Four Loko Energy

Being called "boring" is easily the biggest insult one could ever receive, but internet sensation Lil Mariko is taking on all the mansplaining losers — in khaki shorts, pastel polos and a know-it-all NFL obsession — who consistently make her fall asleep.

"I tuned you out at least 30 minutes ago, you're just talking to yourself at this point," she says on a disastrous Tinder date in "Boring," featuring Full Tac, her longtime creative partner who helped "Where's My Juul?" go viral.

"I'm not crazy, you're just boring," she repeats on the hook, at first calmly then in her signature screamo fury. A nightmarish first meetup, Lil Mariko chucks a football at Full Tac's head, pies his face incessantly and, finally, kicks him into the pool.

Lil Mariko's "Boring" is released through Four Loko Records, so PAPER asked the meme queen to assemble a playlist of her favorite songs that scream Four Loko energy.

From Chase Icon's "SRS" to LustSickPuppy's "Dumb" (and, of course, "Boring"), allow these tracks to soundtrack your descent into chaos.


An absolute banger. I love the drum and bass vibe this song gives off. COBRAH goes so hard, it's outrageous.

Isabella Lovestory — "Alo"

I have no idea what Isabella is saying because I don't speak Spanish, but this song radiates big hot bitch energy. She could be reading me her grocery list and it'd still be sexy.

Deli Girls — "Peg"

Deli Girls makes me want to break things with my face in the best way. I feel like I could comfortably chew glass while listening to this song.

LSDXOXO — "Sick Bitch"

Chaotic sex party energy, but also giving runway vibes. This is the song that plays when you pull up to the function absolutely serving a look with cum stains on your clothes.

Ho99o9 — "Lex Luger"

Song slaps. Please punch me in the face. That's all.

Recovery Girl, Diana Starshine, GFOTY, Space Candy & Lil Mariko — "Feels So Good"

Maybe I'm a little partial to this song because I'm on it, but whatever — I still love it. Recovery Girl absolutely slayed with the production. This song makes me hype AF. Fuck you, thanks.

Zebra Katz & Shygirl — "LICK IT N SPLIT"

A good song to rage and snort a big fat line off of someone's body to. Zebra Fucking Katz is an icon.

Chase Icon — "SRS"

A song for bad bitches who never have to pay for anything at the club if they don't feel like it.

LustSickPuppy — "Dumb"

The song I'd listen to when I'm dancing on an enemy's grave. Can you tell I'm very ready to fight someone?


What I imagine swimming in a fancy pool filled with neon jello sounds like. Basically, it's a really good time.

Lil Mariko — "Boring"

I made this song in dedication to all of the horrible first dates and terribly boring people I've had to put up with in my life thus far. It's a song to play when you want to scare off someone who's just a little too "normal" for you.

Photos courtesy of Lil Mariko