Dorian Electra Does Christian Girl Autumn Cosplay in 'F the World'
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Dorian Electra Does Christian Girl Autumn Cosplay in 'F the World'

by Riley Runnells

Dorian Electra has proven once again that they're the ultimate memelord with the latest My Agenda release, "F The World." In a music video overloaded with Christian Girl Autumn cosplay, Electra dances through intensely distorted beats, all the while repeating, "F the world 'cause I love it."

In the visual and accompanying single campaign, Electra goes all out with brown boots, a cardigan, scarf and beanie, complete with a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL). Of course, their fall look is rounded out with pumpkins, apples and a loose-curled ombre hairstyle.

Over the weekend, Electra also released the "Perfect PSL Autumn Makeup Tutorial" on their YouTube channel. The hour and a half long video features Electra and their friend on a livestream going step by step through the makeup tutorial, creating a beauty look inspired by the "fragility of nature" during fall.

"Let me know if you have any questions... I'm probably not going to answer them, but I'm definitely going to appreciate the engagement because it's good for my channel," Electra said in the tutorial, flinging clichés like "Live, Laugh, Love" and "beauty comes from within" throughout.

Electra later tweeted out a coupon for a free PSL, with the QR code and a picture of them next to it, posed in head-to-toe Christian Girl Autumn style. "Let's celebrate!" they wrote, keeping in character with warm, fuzzy emojis.

From cheap office coffee in "Career Boy" to a PSL in "F The World," the whole meme is hilarious and shows just how far Electra has progressed.

Stream My Agenda by Dorian Electra, below.

Photography: Weston Allen