Brooke Candy Cams With Friends on 'Cum'

Brooke Candy Cams With Friends on 'Cum'

There should never be any question as to what Brooke Candy's attitude toward sex is. From the ashes of creatively stifling label contracts, the rapper has since built a career on pushing the envelope and letting it all hang out as one of the most sex positive artists around today. A little over a year ago, Candy released her highly anticipated debut, SEXORCISM, with artists like Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, Ashnikko, TOOPOOR, Bree Runway and Erika Jayne all letting their freak flags fly with pride — and, to be honest, we haven't fucked the same way since.

Just in time for the hoe-lidays, Candy is back with a brand new visual for fan favorite and Iggy Azalea-assisted album cut "Cum." Featuring cameos from Paris Hilton, Amanda Lepore, Aquaria, Shea Coulee, Yasmine Petty, Crystal Methyd, Imogen Anthony, Love Bailey, Detox, Charlie Le Mindu, La Goony Chonga, Yves and a whole bunch of other hotties, the music video sees Candy and Azalea getting steamy in cyberspace as they engage with their friends in a little bit of flirty foreplay over webcam.

Drawing inspiration from cam sites, '90s internet aesthetics and manga, the visual for "Cum" feels like a pink pop-up laden journey through Barbie's browser history in the most twisted sense possible. "The video's concept was to explore a transformation in Brooke as she discovered and explored her own sexuality," explains the video's director, Dejan Jovanovic. "That exploration occurs within a chatroom environment and features a community of artists, friends and strangers alike going about their own journeys of self-discovery."

Even though the music video was finished during the first week of lockdown, Candy initially held off on releasing the visual "due to [the] social and political climate" at the time. In its own roundabout way, "Cum" actually speaks to the ways in which our sex lives have had to adapt under quarantine. "Social distancing is the only way that we're going to get through this, and we have to do it together," Candy says. "This video aims to show that we can still have fun and flirt and be sexy, silly, all of it and be conscious of the amazing first responders who need us to stay home so that we can all stay safe and overcome this pandemic."

In a period where we as a society have never felt more isolated from one another, Candy explains why it's important to destigmatize sex, sexuality and sex work in order to open up more outlets for expression — because, as we all know, it's not healthy to keep things pent up. "Sexual expression is so critical to our mental and physical health," she says. "The more we bring these things out from the shadows, the more we invite people to take care of themselves, mentally, physically and emotionally."

Watch the PAPER premiere of the music video for Brooke Candy's "Cum" with Iggy Azalea, below:

Photo courtesy of Albert Sanchez and Pedro Zalba