Rico Nasty Releases a 'Nightmare Vacay' Comic Book

Rico Nasty Releases a 'Nightmare Vacay' Comic Book

Christmas has come early thanks to Rico Nasty!

As you're probably well aware of by now, the rapper just put out her debut album, Nightmare Vacation. But what makes this particular release even sweeter is the fact that Rico has also written a brand new comic book based on record — and it's finally out now.

Co-written by Jarrett Williams and illustrated by Aladdin Collar, the comic follows Rico as she embarks on a deep-space adventure after her spaceship crashes on Earth. After waking up from her accidental weed nap in an android factory, the rest of the story sees her attempting to find her missing ship with the help of her friends, Taco Bella and Trap Levigne — all while she's trying to finish her album.

"I'm excited about my very own comic book," Rico Nasty said in a press release. "I just want my fans to come on this adventure with me. It's Nightmare Vacation in rare form."

Nightmare Vacay is available with two different covers and is out now via Z2 Comics. So check out both editions below, and get your very own copy before they run out, here

Photo courtesy of Rico Nasty, Illustration by Jarrett Williams, Color by Aladdin Collar

Photography: Brian Ziff for PAPER