Erika Jayne and Brooke Candy Performed at NYFW Together
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Erika Jayne and Brooke Candy Performed at NYFW Together

The news is out, and the gays are going wild: Brooke Candy and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne have a song together, and it's a steamy banger. The track, "Drip," is an in-your-face femme power anthem that combines both stars' styles into a singular, sweat-slicked bop. It's a little of vintage Brooke Candy attitude, a little Erika Jayne-branded bondage, and a whole lot of sex appeal.

The pair debuted the NSFW single at the VFiles NYFW show, where they teamed up on the runway to give the audience a show unlike any other. Videos taken at the event show Candy and Jayne, flanked by masked dancers, meeting at the apex of the runway to deliver pussy-popping verses and choreography. Candy's verse is as explicit as you'd imagine, throwing caution and innuendos to the wind and opting for full frontal swagger. It's certainly in conversation with her never-to-be released verse on Charli XCX's "Lipgloss," but still comes across as brand new.

Candy was so moved by the opportunity to perform at the show that she posted to Instagram to spread the love, writing, "Tonight was magical & my little heart is fluttering with happiness. If you asked me last year if I would be sober, married, and closing down the @vfiles Barclays center show with @theprettymess I would have never believed it. Another small victory towards a much greater goal. Thank you universe!!!!" followed by several emojis.

There's something completely shameless and utterly erotic about the song, which delights in the repetition of "drips" and "drops," an impulsive kick-lick type of rhythm that will surely make the dance floor of any gay club in America quake under the weight of booty pops and ass shakes.

Candy talked a little bit about her approach to uninhibited pleasure and personality with PAPER in August. "My mission on this planet is to help women and all people, truly anyone that listens to my music, to just feel good in their skin and feel happy. To feel fine, being — if they want to be — incredibly sexual," she says of the messages behind her music. "And if they feel that horny impulse, to act on it. As long as it's consensual, as long it's safe, and as long as they're happy doing it, I want to encourage it."

While there's no release date yet for the album the track will appear on, SEXORCISM, stans will be waiting patiently for the collection of horny anthems, and in the meantime, twerking along to the fierce footage from VFiles.

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