The 4/20 Guide to Getting Your CBD Fix

The 4/20 Guide to Getting Your CBD Fix

by Brycen Saunders

It's holiday season! But this holiday doesn't entail candy canes, snowmen or chocolate covered bunnies. It involves another type of flower. Like Frank Ocean said, one that provides "a cheap vacation." It's 4/20! So whether it involves artistic roach papers, cannabis infused beverages, fragrances, or skincare, this is for those who love everything weed-related.

New York recently became the 15th state to legalize recreational marijuana, setting a new precedent for the domestic decriminalization of the substance. Now with legal recreational use in the nation's most populous city, this 4/20 is slated to reach new heights. Whether you're a weed novice or connoisseur, prepare for a fun and high holiday.

Pure Beauty

Courtesy of Pure Beauty

Los Angeles-based cannabis brand Pure Beauty recently dropped Little Strong Drink (LSD) just in time for the 4/20 holiday. The cannabis-infused beverage boasts notes of concord grapes, cardamon and Rajasthan grown ashwagandha. The drink is not for the faint of heart with its 2 ounces harboring 100 mg of THC. For the smoke connoisseur, Pure Beauty also has mini-joints, one-gram joints and sleek cannabis cigarettes (for those who want to enhance their smoking aesthetic).

Wearable merchandise is also featured on their webstore featuring sweatshirts, t-shirts, and sweatpants and more. The proceeds for the new t-shirt styles are donated to the APPI Safety Badge, an organization committing to protecting the Asian community against hate crimes.

Mr Nice

Courtesy of Mr Nice

London-based cannabis lifestyle brand, Mr Nice, launches its A4 artist roach book "High Grade" for 4/20. The book includes works by photographers Rosie Matheson and Purienne, tattoo artist WORDTOMOTHER, and graphic designers IGNORANCE1 and Vikthorh Studios. With each page containing a perforated edge, the artworks can be pulled out into 60 individual roaches. Available exclusively on the Mr Nice website and at the brand's Soho, London store, only 100 copies were made retailing at £25.

To compliment your smoking experience is a line of hemp cotton-blend t-shirts from the brand available on their website and at Selfridges.

The Herbalist

Courtesy of The Herbalist

Now this fragrance won't get you high, but might offer a slight buzz. The Herbalist is the new eau de parfum 'functional fragrance' collaboration between Heretic Parfum and cannabis brand Drew Martin. The sativa-hybrid strain Jack Herer serves as the base of the fragrance while the rest of the scent was built using notes of lemon, tangerine, crushed pine needles, yuzu, frankincense and hinoki.

"Cannabis is a special and powerful plant," said Drew Martin, founder of Drew Martin cannabis and botanical pre-rolls. "Many use the plant therapeutically, many more use it for fun or relaxation. The Herbalist is another expression of this plant that resists categorization. I hope it can play a role in expanding people's understanding of cannabis."

The Herbalist is available starting 4/20 at Sweet Flower cannabis boutiques across Los Angeles and for pre-order online at The fragrance retails at $250.

Miss Grass

Courtesy of Miss Grass

Miss Grass, the cannabis brand and online platform is here to "help the world get good at weed." This 4/20, the brand is offering an educational program led by a community of women cannabis scientists, sexperts and industry professionals to help eliminate the stigma surrounding marijuana.

Need to learn how to roll a joint? Where to find the best kickback pre-roll? Or do you want to know where the revenue from the newly legal NYC weed sales will go? There are no wrong questions and they have all your answers! The Text Miss Grass campaign (aka the Miss Grass "hotline") goes live this Tuesday, April 20th at 6AM PT / 9AM ET. Text (213) 340 3147 to chat with a Miss Grass Budtender. No bots, all real humans.

Also this month, Miss Grass will continue in its efforts to foster equity within the cannabis industry by inviting the world to support the Women's Prison Association through donations made on their Instagram andwebsite.

Aforé by Dr. Few’s CBD Effusive

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so it only makes sense that it be explored in skincare. The Effusive, developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Julius Few is a CBD formulated face mist. The antioxidant facial mist combines naturally anti-inflammatory CBD with plant extracts and antioxidants like green tea, vitamin C, and witch hazel to calm, depuff and ease redness.

Hi Stevie

Courtesy of Stevie

Founded in 2020 by Courtney Trop, HI STEVIE offers CBD products in its mission to provide a holistic answer to not only foster but maintain creativity, calmness, and productivity. This 4/20, the brand reunited with Collina Strada to offer some holiday friendly merchandise. The collaboration features an earring chain hoodie which boasts a custom HI STEVIE green pattern with crystal weed leaf flower pins ($275), matching sweat pants ($200), and a weed leaf flower pin ($50). HI STEVIE also collaborated with Vanille Verlos on t-shirts.

Aside from clothing, the brand currently offers CBD and non-CBD products. The CBD products include pre-rolled joints, a liquid tincture, and bath salts. The non-CBD products include a hand-blown glass ashtray and a candle with notes of vetiver, bergamot, amber, and sandalwood.


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