Celebrate 4/20 with Weed Butt Plugs
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Celebrate 4/20 with Weed Butt Plugs

It's no secret that we're big fans of Miss Mary Jane over here, especially when it comes to her ability to give us everything from a chill, euphoric vibe to the best sleep of our lives. And since 4/20 is one of our favorite holidays, this year, the good people over at Lovers are helping us celebrate in just the right way.

After all, we all know that there's nothing quite like a little bit of cannabis to set the mood, seeing as how it has the ability to stimulate blood flow, facilitate relaxation and make for an all-around orgasmic experience. So to get you in the spirit, the sex toy site is bringing you a couple of weed-themed products, including some plugs and pasties.

First up is the Doobie Pot Leaf 3-Piece Anal Plug Kit ($39), which is a waterproof and body-safe set of toys made of medical-grade silicone. Coming in graduated sizes ranging from 3 to 5 inches, the plug is a great tool for anal training and prostate play that comes with an adorable pot leaf base and a contour tip to ease you in. However, that's not the only product Lovers has on deck as they're also featuring a pack of hemp leaf pasties ($17.50). Eye-catching, sparkly and super cute, the pasties are a great way to jazz up anything from a party outfit to play session in an unforgettable way.

Needless to say, it's safe to assume that combining a little smoke with some extremely on-theme toys will be a super fun way to enjoy the day and everything weed has to offer. And even better? In honor of the occasion, Lovers will be having a two-day sale starting on 4/20, where everything on the site will be 20 percent off using the promo code "LIFTED20." Enjoy the high.

Check out the pasties and plugs below.

Photo courtesy of Lovers