Yeezy Is Scouting Skid Row

Yeezy Is Scouting Skid Row

In what turns out to be another head-scratching headline involving Kanye West, Yeezy is reportedly gearing up to scout Skid Row's homeless population for a fashion show.

TMZ reports that Ye is working on a new clothing line in collaboration with streetwear brand Skid Row Fashion Week. The brand’s founder, David Sabastian, claimed to the platform that he met with Ye earlier this month, while the rapper was recording for his upcoming album Donda 2, near Skid Row at a studio in the Arts District of Los Angeles. It’s here that the idea for a Yeezy x Skid Row Fashion Week was created.

Apparently, the collaboration is moving full speed ahead because the Skid Row Fashion Week website has already revealed that the collab is set to premiere next month.

Ye and Sabastian are also in the developmental process of creating a runway show for the line. They’re set to include Skid Row Fashion Week factory workers, which employs the homeless, that will wear the new, undoubtedly highly sought-after clothes.

But in the grand scheme of things, maybe there should be more help given to the people in need, instead of what seems to be exposure. We're hoping that at least they make good on their site's promise to donate 100% of profits to the over 8,000 unhoused in the area.

Check out the preview of Kanye and Sabastian's collaboration here.

Photo via Getty/ Roy Rochlin