Our plan was simple: Get a group of really creative, intelligent, strong and beautiful women together, and make something kick ass. When we decided to partner with Zappos' new concept "The_ONES," celebrating classic sneakers, we knew it had to be for women, by women, and about women — and we wanted to accomplish this unapologetically. That's why we love the hashtag: #TOTALLYSPONSOREDBYZAPPOS.

So we tapped women who are all bosses in their own right. From Charli Howard, the body-positive model activist, to Pia Arrobio, the creative director of LPA; from No-Holds Barred artist Alana O'Herlihy to the power DJ Pamela Tick, all of these women are living their lives intentionally with pride and conviction.

Click through the gallery, below, to learn more about these women who are definitely stepping out on the good foot.

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Photography: Tory Rust

Styling: Stacey Cunningham

Hair: Lisa-Raquel Baines

Makeup: Tiffany Patton

Nails: Tori H.