TikTok Witches Are Casting Spells to Help Biden Win the Election

TikTok Witches Are Casting Spells to Help Biden Win the Election

Witches are using magic to help sway the 2020 election in favor of the Democrats this weekend.

With less than a week until the election itself, Wired reports that thousands of Magic Resistance members are planning on casting a spell to help "wash away the corruption and injustice and wickedness of Donald Trump and the Republican Party in a peaceful transition of power."

According to a Medium post outlining the ritual, the witches — many of whom have been using TikTok as a gathering point — are harnessing the power of the Halloween full blue moon to paint maps of the U.S. entirely blue. And their goal? To make sure Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wins.

"We're standing on the edge of an abyss, America. It's time to put all of our collective spiritual energy into the fight," as post author Michael M. Hughes wrote.

Hughes — who previously devised another "Blue Wave" spell during the mid-term elections — then went on to say that anyone can join in on the spell, clarifying that "you don't need to be a witch, a Wiccan, or a magic practitioner" to participate.

"You can be any religion or none, spiritual or an atheist. You can do the ritual as a prayer to whatever god or goddess you favor, to the Universe at large, or just to reaffirm your commitment to your ideals. You don't need to believe in magic to make magical things happen," Hughes said, before adding, "Please join us in saving America!"

Read Wired's full report, here, and the ritual itself, here.

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