Why Is Everyone Talking About 'Hexing the Moon?'

Why Is Everyone Talking About 'Hexing the Moon?'

If you were anywhere near Twitter over the weekend, you probably saw a number of posts about "hexing the moon." And while the majority of mainstream Twitter users were left confused by the premise, it turns out that the tweets were rooted in a very alarming controversy within the online witch community.

According to BuzzFeed, it all started thanks to the a Twitter thread by user @heyyadoraa, which claimed that a small coven of "baby" witches (aka younger, inexperienced witches) on TikTok were cooking up a plan to hex powerful entities they had no business messing with.

That said, amongst the targets of these hexes were the fae — "the magical creatures seen in folklore from many cultures," which are typically associated with nature and are known for being mischievous — as well as the moon, both of which are extremely important to many witches and their craft. Needless to say, whispers of these attempts were met with rightful outrage from the vast majority of witches.

However, given the visibility of this particular conversation, the discourse ended up popping up on a number of timelines over the weekend — something that has led to some dismissive rhetoric and even outright jokes about "hexing the moon."

But again, as the publication pointed out, these entities are a source of power for many witches and the anger over the controversy is completely warranted. So as the situation continues to unfold, remain respectful of these practices by refraining from any invalidating talk and cut it out with all those "hexing the moon" memes.

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