Telfar Is Gearing Up for Its First Flagship

Telfar Is Gearing Up for Its First Flagship

What do you do when you have fashion's hottest "It" bag? Open fashion's hottest "It" store of course.

Appearing on the latest episode of The Breakfast Club, Telfar Clemens revealed that his namesake label is currently planning to open up its first-ever flagship store in New York City hopefully some time this year. “There is one coming,” Clemens told the show's hosts. “We’re opening a store this year in New York City and we’re still deciding where that’s going to be. I don’t want to say too much about it, but we’re opening a store.”

Clemens didn't give any indication as to whether or not they had any specific location in mind but current industry wisdom has South Seaport and the designer's native Queens as possible early frontrunners. Having launched high profile collaborations with UGG, Moose Knuckles, Converse and their own QVC-like clone with Telfar TV, it makes sense that the next logical step for the wildly popular label would be to open up its own brick and mortar location.

Chatting with frequent collaborators Ian Isiah and Jorge "Gitoo" Wright, Clemens reflected the on the meteoric rise of Telfar from its humble beginnings peddling deconstructed Hanes t-shirts to the label's affordable shopping bags becoming one of fashion's most coveted accessories. "For a really long time, I just didn't get a review," Clemens remarked. "It took 10 years to really get fashion's attention."

The designer also addressed the recent controversy over Telfar's new Round Circle Bag's price point. Retailing for roughly $300 more than their shopping bags, the bag's higher price tag ruffled more than a few feathers after it was unveiled at this past New York Fashion Week. "It has more features; the strap is detachable. It's a different bag that's a different price," Clemens explained, pointing out that "there are designer bags that are way more expensive" anyway.

Watch Telfar Clemens' full interview on The Breakfast Club below.

Photo via Getty/ Christian Vierig