Telfar Is Extending Their Rainbow Drop Online

Telfar Is Extending Their Rainbow Drop Online

by Kenna McCafferty

At the end of the rainbow, there is a Telfar bag. As coveted as a pot of gold, Telfar has long played the trickster, leading its devotees through a series of mystery drops, surprise lines and unexpected collaborations.

The Black-owned brand’s latest grand-scale scheme took shape on Sunday, September 11 at a special Rainbow location in Brooklyn. For the first time in the online retailer’s history, shoppers could physically purchase their Buschwick Birkins, for 2 hours only.

The stage was set. The rules were clear: don't hurt anyone. The game was simple: get your bag. And the people did. The Rainbow shop at Fulton Mall was fully stocked with every color of Telfar’s trademark shopping bag.

The whole spectacle was live-streamed for New York Fashion Week via Telfar TV. And to keep the magic alive, the drop was extended and will be running online. In case you missed out on the beautiful chaos, here’s what went down:

Early in the morning on September 11, droves of Telfar’s truest die-hards descended upon downtown Brooklyn’s bustling shopping center. At 3 PM the line formed outside of the Fulton Mall, winding for blocks practically making it all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge and back into Manhattan.

While in line, the shopping experience already began. Customers bought their bags in advance of entering the store on a first come, first serve basis. As Telfar put it, “if you don’t get your first choice color, get your second! Don’t want to take your chances? You can always wait for our drops or the next Bag Security program (pre-order).”

In case you missed it...

For those of us who didn’t take our chances going head-to-head against fashion’s fiercest fanatics, there is hope for us still! Following the Rainbow mayhem, Telfar gave us a special treat, extending the drop online for their no less devoted followers.

They announced via Telfar TV that the online drop will be issued within Telfar’s standard shipping policies and is not part of their Bag Security program. Every bag, every color, every size. The drop will take place September 23.

And because Telfar truly is for everyone, the online Rainbow drop is available to all, even our non-NYC-based baddies. Keep an eye out on the Telfar website for more information ahead of the September 23 drop.

Photo courtesy of Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty