You Just Missed Out on More Telfar Bags

You Just Missed Out on More Telfar Bags

by Dante Silva

For those who were looking to secure a black Telfar bag yesterday (and, let's be honest, who wasn't), our condolences. The bag sold out within the first four minutes, much to the disappointment of those who had woken up at the crack of dawn for the event (read: 9 AM). Not that we can say we're surprised — each Telfar drop comes with an urgent fervor, evoked in everyone from Raveena to Beyoncé.

It's not hard to see why — the bag has even been touted as one of Oprah's "favorite things," a self-described "everyday bag for everyone."

Everyone who can secure one, that is, which turns out to be a quite smaller number. Telfar bags infamously sell out in record times, leading to a cultish hype surrounding them. And yet, the brand itself isn't too concerned with the clout — they didn't even share Beyoncé's Telfar to their Instagram, and the prices have been kept relatively affordable.

Their most recent drop — a seemingly bi-annual restock of their black bag — occurred this morning at 9 AM EST, which means that Twitter was in chaos by 9:02. For most, the Telfar remained out of reach once more — which was expected, surely, and yet it hurt all the same.

Many were quick to find Telfar's security questions at fault, noting the difficulty with which they had to prove they were not a robot. It became quite redundant, with one user noting "that set me back a whole good minute" — a minute that, rest assured, they didn't have to spare.

Still, some emerged unscathed and victorious from yesterday morning's events. Many were able to secure the bag, literally, and were quick to share the news on social media. We're happy for them... So, so happy...

For those whose mornings didn't go as planned, we're with you — and we'll be waiting alongside you at the next drop... and the one after that. The good news is that there's other Black-owned businesses to support and other bags in the luxury-saturated sea.

Photo via Getty/ Edward Berthelot