Ian Isiah's 'Loose Truth' Is a Love Letter to Black, POC Essential Workers

Ian Isiah's 'Loose Truth' Is a Love Letter to Black, POC Essential Workers

If the pandemic has highlighted anything, it's the importance of essential workers. But whether they be emergency services personnel, health care professionals, or community-based workers as we all know, the overwhelming majority of them are Black and POC — and in their honor, Ian Isiah has debuted the video for the Chromeo-produced, "Loose Truth."

Featuring appearances from the BLCK MRCY Music Collective, local Black and POC activists, as well as essential workers and their families, Isiah's goal with the stunning, Thuan Tran-directed video was "to show the world that direct support to local Black and POC essential workers is a top priority."

A love letter to these first responders, artists, business owners and activists, the moving visual also serves as a powerful reminder of the strength of neighborhood communities through the lens of several Brooklyn-based essential workers who appear within the video.

"Each family blessed me tremendously and it's my duty to return the love," Isiah said, before encouraging people to support essential workers and thanking CashApp for sending money to all the families involved in the "Loose Truth" video.

After all, as Isiah himself explained, "Direct support is an immediate response." And so, "put the blessings in the pocket nearest to you and enjoy the beauty in the return."

Watch the video for "Loose Truth" and stream it, below.

Director/Producer: ONLUNCHBREAK (OLB)
Editor/Colorist: Thuan Tran
Camera: Jabari Canada
Casting Director: Jorge Gitoo Wright