Sydney Sweeney Called Out for Family's 'MAGA-Inspired Hats'

Sydney Sweeney Called Out for Family's 'MAGA-Inspired Hats'

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney is being called out after she and her brother posted photos at their mother's surprise 60th birthday hoedown — surrounded by partygoers wearing "MAGA-inspired hats" and at least one "blue lives matter" shirt.

In an Instagram carousel posted to her feed, Sweeney shares a family photo in which one man is seen sporting a "blue lives matter" shirt. After popular gossip account PopBase posted images of the party, Sweeney began to trend on Twitter, with internet sleuths noting that party guests also wore MAGA-style hats that read "Make Sixty Great Again."

Though the 24-year-old actress isn't seen wearing anything controversial herself, fans pointed out that she felt comfortable posting the blue lives matter shirt on her public feed. And while Sweeney avoided posting any photos with red hats, fans discovered them on her brother Trent's Instagram account.

Sweeney has notably avoided the public eye, despite the mainstream popularity of Euphoria and White Lotus. In March, the twice Emmy-nominated actress confirmed she was engaged only after being spotted wearing a diamond ring. Earlier this summer, however, Sweeney trended on Twitter after telling Hollywood Reporter that, despite her success, she had trouble paying her bills.

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